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About BSafe

BSafe (BSafe by Cyberdome) is a platform developed and managed by Kerala Police Cyberdome with prime objective of alerting fraud and spam calls. Not just to spam prevention, BSafe platform keeps on improving and introducing as much as new features in the field of security in various areas.

Kerala Police Cyberdome

Cyberdome is a technological research and development Centre of Kerala Police Department conceived as a Cyber Centre of excellence in cyber security as well as technology augmentation for effective policing. It envisages as a high tech public-private partnership Centre of collaboration for different stakeholders in the domain of cyber security and handling of cyber crimes, in a proactive manner. One of the main objectives of the Cyberdome is to prevent cyber crimes through the development of a cyber threat resilient ecosystem in the state to defend against the growing threat of cyber attacks by synergizing with other departments and nodal agencies of the State. Cyberdome makes a collective coordination among the Government departments and agencies, academia, research groups, non-profitable organizations, individual experts from the community, ethical hackers, private organizations, and other law enforcement agencies in the country, with an aim of providing a safe and secure cyber world for each and every citizen in the state.